Website Research & Design

Challenge: How to rebuild the information architecture and page-level design to meet the needs of the primary users of this website for a Fortune 500 company.

My role: User Research - Information Architecture - Site Maps - Wireframes

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Persona Research

Challenge: To gather, synthesize and analyze a massive amount of data around primary users to guide a major website redesign for a large financial serivces company.

My role: User Interviews - Survey Design and Analysis - Persona Creation

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Challenge: Compel employees of large corporation to stay up-to-date on company security measures by using UX to make the boring fun.

My role: Stakeholder Interviews - Game Design - Wireframes - Annotations

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UX Research to Inform Digital Strategy

Challenge: Utilize UX research methods, including a heuristic evaluation and usability testing, to lay a foundation for a website redesign's digital strategy.

My role: Workshops - Stakeholder Interviews - Expert Review - Usability Testing

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